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Description: This is a simple and highly effective solution which makes beneficial changes to the texture and appearance of the skin. It moisturizes the surface layer of the skin and gently exfoliates it to create a smoother and more supple skin. It can help counteract discolorations and other imperfections. The key is the Glycolic Acid Polymer. This form of glycolic is more natural to the skin. By linking Glycolic Acid molecules into strands, they penetrate the skin along the lines of propagation of the skin's natural polymers-elastic and collagen. Therefore, it interacts more precisely with the skin's support structures.
Usage: Apply ¼ teaspoon or 1 ¼ ml of Alpha 5%:
1st Week…….1 X daily over crème
2nd Week……2 X’s daily over crème
3rd Week…….1 of 2 X’s after toner, followed by nutrient hydrator and crème
4th Week…….2 X’s daily after toner, followed by nutrient hydrator and crème
Stop progression if skin becomes over stimulated. Maintain the level prior to over stimulation. SUN PROTECTION MANDITORY.

Performance Ingredients: Propylene Glycol: emollient
Glycolic Acid Polymer (5%): promotes healthy glycine production in collagen and elastin
D-beta-glucosamine: promotes better quality collagen and elastin
D-beta-fructan: controls the skin's moisture retention
Amino-guanidine: harnesses the destructive energies of free radicals
Skin type: Mid Range , Acne , Dry , Dry X-Treme , Oily , Oily X-Treme , Rosacea , Sensitive
Product type: Performance Extras
size shelf life pH preservatives weight
30 ml 1 year 3 None 0.3 lbs.




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