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Description: A+ is an AHA form of 'complexed' Retinol (Vitamin A) together with Glycolic Acid to create an energized and synergized complex. This complex takes advantage of the physical and chemical forces that bind Glycolic Acid to Retinol (Vitamin A). Therefore, the complex synergy will give you much better results than each ingredient used alone. A+ coaxes the skin to re-select its epidermal building blocks and therefore, the wrinkles that sustain adult keratins will slowly give way to the smoother, more elastic and wrinkle resistant fetal-type keratins. Retinol is a skin renewing vitamin which is essential for tissue growth. Glycolic Acid Polymer is more natural to the skin, and helps to strengthen collagen and elastin.
Usage: A+ can be used daily. Apply ľ teaspoon or 1 ľ ml in the evening. Alternate with C Therapy 1 in morning.
Performance Ingredients: Retinol/Glycolic Acid Polymer Complex: promotes healthy glycine production for collagen and elastin and renews and repairs tissues***
Hamamelis Extract: antiseptic, increases circulation
D-beta-fructan: controls the skinís moisture retention
D-beta-glucosamine: helps strengthen the skinís immune cells
Amino-guanidine: helps support healthy collagen structure
Skin type: Acne , Dry , Dry X-Treme , Mid Range , Oily , Oily X-Treme , Rosacea , Sensitive
Product type: Performance Extras
size shelf life pH preservatives weight
30 ml 1 year 4.25 None 0.3 lbs.




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