Alpha Beta Toner

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Description: A stimulating AHA/BHA blend designed to assist in removing oil from skin surface. Alpha Beta Toner provides bacterial control and aids in cellular desquamation. An excellent prep for skin peeling treatments or as a regular toner for very oily, or the majority of acne skin types. Dry acne clients should use C Scape Toner. This product contains both Glycolic Acid Polymer and Salicylic Acid. Both soften keratinized barrier cells, as well as dissolve the top layer of corneum cells and the 'intercellular cement' that holds the corneum cells together. This leaves the skin feeling smooth and tight and prepared for the penetration of a peeling product.

Note: Excellent for occasional use on Hypo skin types, Maturing, Moderately Oily skin and Acne skin in conjunction with any UB cleanser.
Usage: Mist 2.5 ml or teaspoon and blot with a tissue or cotton pad following cleansing, exfolation, masking or before applying any benzoyl peroxide or other form of keratolytic.
Performance Ingredients: Witch Hazel: Astringent, cleansing, increases circulation, antiseptic
Glycolic Acid Polymer (3%): Promotes glycine production for collagen/elastin
Salicylic Acid (2%): Softens keratinized barrier cells, antiseptic, preservative
Ethyl Alcohol: Anti-bacterial, antiseptic
Propylene Glycol: Emollient, softens skin, soothing
Skin type: Oily , Oily X-Treme , Acne , Oily , Oily X-Treme
Product type: Toners
size shelf life pH preservatives weight
160 ml 9 months 2.8 Non-Traditional 0.5 lbs.




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