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  Wipe Away Eye Make-Up Remover 50 ml
  An ideal makeup remover for both the face and eye, our Wipe Away Eye Make-up Remover acts as a gentle solvent to loosen and “release” makeup and thoroughly cleanse the skin.
  $ 19.50
  X-E/Psor Hair & Body Shampoo
  X-E/Psor Hair & Body Shampoo contains ingredients targeted at scalp and skin areas experiencing scaling and accelerated cell-proliferation.
  $ 29.00
  X-E/Psor Lotion 30 ml
  Targeted for skin and scalp experiencing scaling and accelerated cell-proliferation. Salicylic Acid and Resorcinol affect the keratinized barrier cells and reduce structural stress in the affected areas.
  $ 31.00
  Zap It Clean Cleanser-10% BPO Wash
  Benzoyl peroxide cleanser.
  $ 39.00
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