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Q: I get eczema in my hair and on the back of both hands. It seems to be the worse when Iím stressed. Can it be controlled?
A: We suggest a home spa treatment for your hands using our Non-Sensi products, an electric heating pad, a hand towel, some plastic wrap and a friend to help you. . First cleanse you hands with Non-Sensi Body Shampoo. Rinse and pat dry, leaving the hands damp. Apply approximate 3 tablespoons of Non-Sensi Body Lotion to each hand. Work some of it in, but make sure you have excess still on the surface of the hands. Ask your friend to tear off enough plastic wrap to cover one hand starting from a few inches above the wrist, extending over the hand and fingers and back up the underneath side of the fingers, hand and finally the wrist. Fold the excess on the sides snuggly around the hand and follow the same directions for the other hand. Next place your hands side by side on half of the electric heating pad. Fold the pad over the top of the hands and cover the pad with the towel to hold the heat comfortably on the hands. Be sure the temperature is warm, NOT HOT. Donít irritate you hands by using high heat. This should be warm and comfortable. In 20 minutes, ask your friend to remove one hand from the heating pad, remove the plastic wrap and gently massage the excess lotion into the hand. Complete the treatment by removing the other hand from the heating pad, removing the plastic wrap and repeating the massage until the excess lotion is absorbed into the skin. Youíll love the feeling of your hands following the treatment. Many of our clients believe they have prevented eczema flare ups by doing this treatment on a regular basis. Home care should also include X-E/Psor Hair & Body Shampoo and/or X-E/Psor Face & Body Bar , X-E/Psor Lotion and Hydra-Gel Calming Mask .
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