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Q: I have a lot of red breakouts and also a lot of blackheads. The problem is that my skin seems to be dry. How is that possible and what can I do?
A: Some clients experience a dry form of acne. This can be easily aggravated by working too aggressively with your skin care program. Remember, your skin was never designed to be extremely dry. It requires both hydration and sealant. We recommend rotating your cleansers between Alpha Clean Cleanser and Beta Clean Cleanser. We have found that our clients manage their acne condition best by rotating their products. When they run out of a product they replace it with one of the other recommended products that is appropriate for their skin type and condition. Our “C’ Scape Toner is rich in anti-oxidants and is a good choice for dry acne. Acne Rx Basic Moisture is wonderful to bind the much needed hydration to your skin. And depending on your dryness level, Silk Moisture Crème or Satin Moisture Crème will be applied over your Acne Rx Basic Moisture. Daily we recommend applying our Acne Rx Quietly Calm Mask to cleansed, toned skin for 20 minutes. Follow your masking by toning and patting dry. Next apply a dime size amount of either Acne Rx Triple Rx Lotion or Acne Rx Break Away Gel. Twice weekly we recommend exfoliating with Take Off Spicy 5% Exfo Mask or Cherry “A-Peel”. Rotation of these two products is also recommended. We also recommend the use of high frequency electrical current. We carry Oxy-Light as a compliment to our product line for use at home to assist in the management of all forms of acne.
Q: I only get a pimple once a month or so, but it is big and painful. What do you recommend?
A: Many women experience cyclic acne lesions and they can be very uncomfortable. Usually the lesion will feel itchy preceding the actual visual appearance. Cleanse the area with the appropriate UNFADING BEAUTY CLINICAL SKIN CARE cleanser that is correct for you skin type. Next place an ice cube in a small zip lock plastic bag and hold it directly on the effected area for up to 10 minutes. Apply a small dot of one of our keratolytic agents, such as Acne Rx Triple Rx Lotion or Acne Rx Break Away Gel directly to the lesion using a cotton swab to control the application. We recommend that you use only a tiny amount of product, however it should be thick enough that it does not penetrate into the skin. Repeat the icing procedure several times daily. You may apply your keratolytic agent twice daily. This process will help the lesion to come to the surface quickly.
Q: I have several white bumps on my skin. They aren't red so I don't think I have acne. Do you have a solution?
A: Grade 1, Acne usually has little or no redness, and several open and/or closed comedones (blackheads and whiteheads). This type of acne is very common and may be controlled by using our Acne Rx products. We recommend either Beta Clean Cleanser or Alpha Clean Cleanser. Each time you reorder, rotate with the other cleanser.

Follow your morning cleansing with Acne Rx Basic Moisture and Block It Out Sun Protector .

In the evening we recommend daily masking for the first week, then three times weekly thereafter, with our Skin Tight Mask. Skin Tight Mask is a combination of Skin Tight Firming Blend and Skin Tight Tightening Gel. This highly stimulating mask will create activity in a hypo or inactive skin type such as Grade 1, Acne. We then would recommend using the appropriate acne treatment product from our Acne Rx line to help dislodge the comedones. We have had great success in our own clinic with this type of acne using UNFADING BEAUTY CLINICAL SKIN CARE products.
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