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Q: Iíd like to try using anti-oxidants on my rosacea. Will it make it worse?
A: No, we use both our A+ and our C Therapy 1 Performance Extras on our rosacea clients and find that they are very pleased with the results! Several of our rosacea clients love the benefits they receive from using our Alpha series unbuffered glycolic acid products as well. The key is to find the right product for each individualÖ.we always suggest starting with a travel size to be sure the product will work well for your specific needs. Just contact us via email and we will work with you!
Q: Iím concerned about having a facial because Iím afraid it will leave my skin even more red. Do you have any facials that will help rosacea?
A: Yes we do! Our Red Be Gone Treatment was designed for both rosacea as well as any sensitive skin type. We have also had great success in using our UB 1 ďA-PeelĒ, our Dermal Repair, our Moist and Calm and even our Hyperderm Revitalization Treatments. Most rosacea clients respond well to mild peeling and find it very helpful in managing their rosacea.
Q: I have Rosacea and Iím using Metro Gel on my skin. Iíd like to use a good skin care program, what do you recommend?
A: Our clients have had wonderful success in managing their Rosacea using our Red Be Gone products, in conjunction with Honey Dew Toner, Take Off Spicy 5% Exfo Mask or Cherry A-Peel and the appropriate sealant creme (when necessary), depending on the oil content of the skin. Our Acne Rx Quietly Calm Mask, incorporating sulfur in its base, is very soothing as well as helpful in oil management. For our dryer clients, we recommend our Baby Skin Moisture Mask (creamy) or Hydra-Gel Calming Mask (gel), both are very hydrating and refreshing.
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