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Q: My skin is very sensitive. All my friends are talking about getting a peel. Would it help me?
A: It is possible to use certain peeling agents on sensitive skin and have a beautiful result. You will first have to find the appropriate skin care system to prepare you skin. Only after your skin is acclimated to an appropriate skin care program should you try a peel. Our UNFADING BEAUTY PRIMERE CLINIC/SPA/SALONS have been trained to choose the peeling agents that will benefit their clients conditions. Contact us via email for an UNFADING BEAUTY PRIMERE CLINIC/SPA/SALON in your area.
Q: I have very sensitive skin. I break out every time I try something new. Id like to try some of your products. Do you have any answers for me?
A: Definitely! Please contact us via email and we will work with you by selling you travel sizes of the specific products that we feel will benefit your skin. We will also put you in touch with an UNFADING BEAUTY PRIMERE CLINIC/SPA/SALON in your area to help you personally manage your skin.
Q: My doctor tells me I have Atopic Dermatitis. Can I use anything on my skin besides Vaseline?
A: Most clients with Atopic Dermatitis have very dry, dehydrated skin and may also suffer from hay fever or other allergies. We recommend a slow re-hydration program using UNFADING BEAUTY CLINICAL SKIN CARE. Our produces are low, no or non-tradition preservatives, thus eliminating preservative allergies. The use of natures purest ingredients helps to deposit bio-nutrients that are essential for the skins renewal and regeneration. Once the skin is properly re-hydrated most clients find they are able to use a wide variety of our UNFADING BEAUTY CLINICAL SKIN CARE products. We will work with you via email to help you choose the appropriate products for your specific concerns.
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