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Founded in 1987

Unfading Beauty was founded in 1987 by Sue Seehawer, who currently serves as President. The company began as a spa and started broadening it’s horizons when it became increasingly difficult to acquire the active products needed to achieve high quality results within a more clinical client base. Unfading Beauty began working with their first lab to see if they could achieve these results together.

Launched the Unfading Beauty Skin Care Product Line in 1999

Unfading Beauty Spa realized that not only were they having difficulty in finding the key products and elements needed to achieve highly clinical results, but so were clinics and para-medical spas around the nation. Unfading Beauty decided to develop a highly active clinical line of products for use within clinics, spas and salons.

Dream to Reality

Currently working with 7 labs around the nation, Unfading Beauty has realized the dream of improving Professional Esthetics Treatment Protocols and bringing in the latest Professional Esthetics Products that will assist our clients in achieving their corrective skin care goals.


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